Recipes September 25, 2016

Broccoli & Cauliflower Soup

This is a great way to get your cruciferous veggies in your diet. Since they are steamed, they are not as hard on your stomach. I have read in many articles that cooking your cruciferous vegetables can reduce the amount of goitrogenic properties these veggies have, which can suppress your thyroid hormone function. So if you are dealing with fibroids, a hormone dependent condition, you may want to try and cook your cruciferous veggies so your body is in hormonal balance and not receiving as many Isothiocyanate’s. Isothiocyantes are found in cruciferous vegetables and appear to be heat-sensitive. Therefore cooking them appears to lower the availability of these substances.

Recipes October 23, 2016

Date Caramel Sauce

Add dates to your Vitamix, blender, or food processor (Any of these work). Then add all other ingredients and blend starting off with about 1/3 cup of warm water, add more water based upon how moist dates are and desired consistency of caramel sauce. I like to use warm water, I feel it brings everything together better. I like my sauce silky and thick. So I prefer to blend until I don’t see any chunks. Then serve on everything! Refrigerate any left over in a glass container. It will last about 4-5 days.

Recipes October 26, 2016

Coconut Whip cream

This recipe is super quick. I try to find a coconut milk or a coconut cream that is 100% coconut milk, with no preservatives. It is common to find guar gum in a lot of coconut milks and creams. Guar gum is natural, it comes from the guar bean, but has been known to give some people digestive issues. It has also been said that the guar gum will prevent cream or milk from whipping. I have yet to encounter this issue. I use coconut cream or milk to make the coconut whip cream. They are both great! I like these two brands of coconut milk and cream: Savoy coconut cream and Aroy-D coconut milk. Make sure to get unsweetened and do not use lite coconut milk. My preference is to use the coconut cream.

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