After taking herbs from my acupuncturist I decided to try something different. His herbs were helping, but I wanted to get some suggestions and feedback from someone different. I was living in Los Angeles at the time and decided to go to Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy where they have a naturopath on staff that you can speak to for free! It was a very reputable pharmacy that sold a lot of brands that I had researched in the past, so I felt comfortable going in to talk to someone. I met with a lady by the name of Nancy. She was a wealth of information!  She told me that she had worked with dozens of women who had uterine fibroids and prescribed them regimens to take that helped eliminate their fibroids, as well as shrink the size and ease the symptoms. I was excited by any one of these things potentially happening, so it was a win win either way in my opinion.
Here is the regimen that she suggested I take. PLEASE remember I am not a Doctor, nor do I claim to be one. I am just a woman sharing my story and suggestions based upon what seemed to help for me. I do suggest seeking out more holistic practitioners if you are deciding to heal yourself naturally, as they are well versed in the supplements and herbs to take for this condition.

Her food suggestions of what NOT to eat were: No chocolate, coffee, pork, soy, chicken, dairy, gluten or corn. Red meat occasionally, to help with my low iron levels, and ONLY grass fed or organic to try to help eliminate any antibiotics or hormones in the meat.


When I woke I was to take:
Resolve lower—3 times a day, half hour before food. This can increase blood flow, it has strong blood invigorating properties. Therefore may not be good for some people during their menstruation. It can invigorate the blood circulation, as well aid in dispersing nodules and masses, warms the abdomen and alleviates pain. Be sure to seek the advice of your healthcare practitioner to see if this may or may not be the correct herb for you.
Cysto Solv—1 full dropper 3 times a day, under tongue for 30 seconds. Make sure you have nothing in mouth 10 minutes before or after. Helps to reduce cysts and masses. You can find this from the same company as the Redux T, to order Cysto Solv call Pacific Health Sciences at 310-457-1775.
Redux T—30 drops in 1oz. of water 4x a day. Helps to reduce tumors.
GLA Borage Oil— (needs to be refrigerated) 1 tablespoon once a day, can do more if stools are normal, if not then reduce amount back to 1 tablespoon. Borage oil is the best source of gamma linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid which has an anti-inflammatory effect. Which is essential in helping to reduce the size of the fibroid, especially before and during your menstruation.
DIM Femguard balance— 4 pills a day. Helps to aid in balancing female hormones, promotes favorable and safe conversion of estrogen, as well helps to detoxify and eliminate excess hormones.

The suggestion was to stick with regimen for 3-4 months. Please remember this was prescribed for me. So please see your Naturopath to help set you up on a plan that works for you and your body.