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Blog February 27, 2018

Now the surgery…

Today marks 2 days before my surgery to get my uterine fibroid removed. I tried to heal myself naturally for close to three years. This journey began with trying to cut as many chemicals out of my daily life as possible, changing my diet, and other alternative ways of healing myself such as acupuncture, herbs, yoga, and many others.

Blog October 23, 2017

Herb Regimen for healing fibroids

After taking herbs from my acupuncturist I decided to try something different. His herbs were helping, but I wanted to get some suggestions and feedback from someone different. I was living in Los Angeles at the time and decided to go to Santa Monica homeopathic pharmacy where they have a naturopath on staff that you can speak to for free!

Blog June 28, 2017

Alternative ways of healing from Fibroids

As I began trying to heal myself, the first thing I decided to start with was my diet. I ate fairly healthy to begin with, so simple tweaks were cutting dairy, wheat, and caffeine, as well as cutting back on red meat. You can read all about good diets in helping to reduce fibroids in Dr. Allan Warshowskys book “Healing Fibroids, A Doctor’s guide to a Natural Cure.”

Blog April 27, 2017

Healing from Fibroids

I created this website because I found out that I had a fibroid, and instead of surgery I was interested in trying to heal myself naturally. The first thing I had done was a blood panel to determine where all of my vitamin levels were, as well as any food allergies. I had read that this is a good starting point in creating a road map, so to speak, of determining how to start a plan of action in healing yourself. The information can give you and your doctor signs of where to start. For me, it was loud and clear.